Japanese Language School: NIHONGO GYM S2

Learning should be fun.

My name is Yuko Yamamoto.
I have an MA degree in teaching Japanese as a foreign language and a BA in classical Japanese literature.
I’ve been teaching Japanese for about 20 years.
I used to have my own Japanese school in Osaka until 2011, but had to stay home for my son for some years.
Now I’ve reopened my school in Sonoda, Amagasaki city.

About my teaching style:
-My teaching style is relaxed, patient, and engaging.
-I can customize lessons to your specific needs, especially high level materials such as classical literature.
-I understand different communication and learning styles.
-I’m also studying special needs education for learning disabilities. If you struggle reading and/or writing, I can give you some effective advice.

A little about me and my interests:
-I love reading and theater
-I’ve been practicing Aikido for 7 years
-I’ve been taking narrating voice over lessons

If you have any questions about my lessons, please let me know.
I look forward to meeting you soon!

Lesson fees

One-on-one lessons@5,000 yen/h
Pair lessons@3,000 yen/h
Group lessons@2,000 yen/h

Online option is available.

How to apply
1) Inquiry
2) Initial consultation and/or trial lesson
3) Reservation for the first lesson

Students’ Voices

Yuko-sensei is a highly skilled Japanese teacher. Her experience in linguistic research and professional Japanese teaching career, her enthusiasm of culture, movie and music… helped me understand deeply about the new words or phrases, and broaden my knowledge about Japan the country itself and its culture.
Using a wide range of material from videos, documentary, interviews to newspaper articles, I never get bored of her lessons, and every time studying with her i learned something new to improve my skill.
I believed whatever the Japanese level you are, studying with Yuko-sensei, you will develop your language skills in an enjoyable way. by P

If you want a enjoyable Japanese lessons in which you can practice with a qualified teacher, do conversation and ask lots of questions – then please join the lessons of Yuko-san. HV

If you want friendly and helpful lessons, this is the place for you. HC


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